Sienna Wdowik and Her Efforts Toward Counterterrorism

University of Notre Dame graduate Sienna Wdowik (Class of 2017) embodies what it truly means to stick your mind towards doing something you love. In her early years as a undergraduate political science student, Sienna found her passion and vehemently strived, and continues to strive, to serve her country by conducting counterterrorism work.


Sienna Wdowik

Her interests with issues of international importance led her to study Arabic as a second major, though simply studying the language and culture in the classroom was not enough. She spent almost a year abroad in Amman, Jordan to grasp an emic perspective of the language and lifestyle of the Arabic culture. On top of her role as a research assistant for the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, The Institute for the Study of War accepted Sienna as a counterterrorism intern that focused on collecting, translating, and interpreting data regarding the activity of ISIS militants and worldwide supporters. Her efforts in managing and engaging with issues of international importance continued as a research assistant with the Notre Dame International Security Center. 

Having graduated in 2017 of May, Sienna is currently working with the Department of Defense as a counterterrorism analyst to further tackle international issues of national security. Additionally, she is pursuing a graduate study at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security. 

A 2017 Stephen Kertesz Prize recipient for best senior thesis in the field of international relations from the Political Science department. A 2015 recipient of the Boren Scholarship that funded her immersive study abroad program. A force vehemently against terrorism and dedicated towards solving issues of national security and international importance. Though already building a hefty line of experience, Sienna Wdowik’s windows of opportunities doing what she loves are endless. 

Pi Sigma Alpha is proud to have a member of our honor society work hard for social justice!