Handy Political Science Apps For Your Enjoyment!

There are many apps flooding the market out there for phones and computers, from flashlights to language-learning flashcards. In addition to all of those apps which help to make our lives easier, there are also some available to help us enrich our experiences and learning in the realm of political science. Check out these nifty - and free! - Poli-Sci related apps and interactive websites:


Political Nation Left - Your favorite liberal and progressive news and commentaries under one roof.

Political Nation Right - Your favorite conservative and libertarian news and commentaries under one roof.

The Podcaster News & Politics - The best podcasts about world news, politics, and everything in between.

Political Digest - Your source for political news that matters.


Super PAC App - Hold your iPhone up to a political commercial to determine who is behind the ad and how much money was spent on the ad.

Settle It! - A fact checker app which uses information from the Pulitzer prize winning PolitiFact website to check facts in political campaign ads.

The White House - The official White House app with the latest news, unique photos, videos, and blog entries, including live-streaming of President's addresses.

NBC Politics - Delivers the latest NBC election coverage, lets users predict which candidate will win each state on election day.


Hyperpolitics - An interactive online dictionary of political science that shows connections between terms in a matrix.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware - Online courses for undergraduate political science with selected lecture notes for public view.

Columbia Interactive Learning Tools - A selection of learning tools such as videos, photos, case studies, and slide shows on various political science subjects.

World's Smallest Political Quiz - A simple, short quiz for determining one's political affiliation.

Pew Research Center - Take a longer quiz to find out which Political Typology group is your best match compared with a national survey of over 10,000 U.S. adults conducted by the Pew Research Center.