Notes from the ΠΣΑ National Office

One piece of news from the National Office:  We’re now collecting new members’ email addresses so that we can send them a “Welcome to Pi Sigma Alpha” email with information about the benefits now available to them as members of the honor society.  Chapter Advisors should not be hesitant to include the email addresses on the new membership form because of worries about students’ privacy.  Rest assured the national office will NEVER sell or share members’ email addresses with anyone, and we’ll use them to send just one single email soon after each member is inducted.

In addition to becoming eligible to apply for Pi Sigma Alpha scholarships for graduate study and for Washington internships, best paper awards, and enhanced qualifications for Federal government employment, our members now also receive significant discounts on GEICO insurance products and on Princeton Review test preparation courses!  In addition to the discount for individual members, GEICO also provides a very big benefit to the national organization in the form of partial funding for our Washington Internship scholarships. The national office will continue to look for opportunities for partnerships with other similar organizations in the future so as to provide even greater benefits to members of the honor society.

The 2011 Chapter Activity Grants competition netted 120 proposals which will be reviewed by the Selection Committee late in November.  All awards were announced in early December.

An early reminder:  The Pi Sigma Alpha Biennial Business Meeting will take place next year in New Orleans in conjunction with the APSA Annual Meeting.  More timely announcements will follow, but Chapter Advisors who already plan to attend the APSA meeting can tuck the Pi Sigma Alpha event into their schedules now.

Finally, Pi Sigma Alpha has made a significant contribution to the endowment of the American Political Science Association’s brand new Distinguished Teaching Award.  This award will go each year to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate teacher of political science at a two- or four-year institution.  Because Pi Sigma Alpha is an organization for students and because its vitality and success rest almost entirely upon the dedication of the faculty who serve as Chapter Advisors, it is very fitting that Pi Sigma Alpha invest in APSA’s program to recognize and reward excellence in teaching in this way.