Graduate School Opportunities

Cornell University, Department of Government
According to the Department’s website, “The graduate program in Government at Cornell prepares students for academic and research careers in political science. All students admitted to the program are expected to earn a doctoral degree. In exceptional circumstances, students who choose to leave the program or who fail to fulfill the requirements for admission to doctoral candidacy may be granted a Master’s degree. Completion of the Ph.D. program normally requires two-to-three years of full-time course work at Cornell and several additional years of dissertation research and writing.”

“As a first year graduate student at Cornell University, I have been afforded a great many opportunities. Thanks to abundance of resources, a helpful and involved faculty and staff, and a welcoming graduate student population, Cornell ensures students are equipped to make the most of their graduate studies. Simultaneously supportive, engaging and challenging, Cornell University is an ideal place to further your education in the field of political science.”
-- David Cortez, alumnus of Alpha Zeta Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha at the University of Texas –
Pan American and first year graduate student in Cornell’s Department of Government Graduate Program.