Chassity Martin’s Early Start in the Political Science Field by Running For Local Office

Undergraduate students typically spend their time focusing on their academics and getting involved with extracurricular activities that further spark their interests. Chassity Martin spent her time running for (and succeeding in becoming) one of three seats on the city commission in her hometown of Collinwood, Tennessee.  

This Pi Sigma Alpha member knew since the junior year of her high school that she wanted to be involved with political science. Having chosen to study political science for her undergraduate studies, she wanted to further expand her knowledge by getting involved with her community. Though a member of the Pi Sigma Alpha Beta Rho chapter at North Alabama in 2015, Chassity noticed outside of her academic community various issues that not only lacked a solid solution, but also lacked the attention needed to fix it. With enough exposure from her academic studies and from PSA, she took initiative and ran for a seat on the city commission. 

Chassity recalls the process as unique and cherishable, for 5462a08c691e7.imageshe was able to apply the applications behind political science practices she was learning within the classroom into the real world. With an average college-student budget, she financed her campaign and put in all her efforts to run and maintain her political campaign; headshots, canvasing, and attending community events, to name a few, were all entailed within this process. Hard work and a drive for problem solving led to her political success.

Fast forward two years later, Chassity now works as a community development specialist for the South Central Tennessee Development District, where she oversees both economic development and what local communities are doing. Her advice to current and prospecting Pi Sigma Alpha Members? To utilize organizations and network as much as you can with people involved in the political science field. 

“Pi Sigma Alpha is a great networking tool that provides amazing opportunities outside of your school.”

Though people think it’s tough to find work in the political science field, Chassity adamantly expressed that this is simply not true. She encourages those passionate about political science to “find a issue you’re really passionate about and focus on those issues, to master the issue and the fields for that issue.” 

Pi Sigma Alpha connected her to the kinds of people that were just as equally passionate about political science as she was. Members of PSA can not only access resources to make a difference within society, but also encourage others to want to join the honor society and create change. Chassity Martin is exemplary of the saying “anything is possible,” and Pi Sigma Alpha is proud to have her as a member!